Do-it-yourself home repairs are nothing new, but in the years since reality television programs and home improvement networks such as HGTV began to gain popularity, the number of DIY repairs has increased dramatically.  Oftentimes, these repairs can improve appearance or functionality for parts of your home for far less than a professional would charge. However, there are occasions when attempting at-home repairs without the guidance of an expert can result in additional time, headache, and money.

DIY plumbing repairs are often an unfortunate example of this type of scenario.  Too often, homeowners underestimate the level of expertise needed to tackle some common plumbing projects. When these repairs don’t go according to plan or are faulty, a professional must be called in to correct the problems.  To avoid this situation, it’s important to understand the complexity of some repairs and which ones should never be attempted alone.

  • Water Lines: Any repair which involves changes to the plumbing system or infrastructure of your home is always best left to a professional.  These jobs are far more complex than leaky faucets and other small jobs, and they require a much higher level of expertise. This includes welding and pipe-fitting jobs which must be completed to perfection to avoid leaks, long-term water damage to the home, and even mold.
  • Large Bathroom or Kitchen Renovations: Replacing fixtures and repairing leaky faucets are one thing.  Installations of items such as new dishwashers are bathtubs are quite another.  These jobs are major undertakings, and it is critical to make sure that drainage lines and water supply lines are properly installed.  Even small errors can lead to leaks, overflows, and mold.
  • Water Heater Installation: Among the many reasons that you should avoid installing your own water heater are the possibility of not getting the right one for your specifications and needs, ventilation issues, fittings for natural gas lines, and the possibility of voiding the water heater’s warranty by foregoing professional installation.  Additionally, a professional may be able to determine if your water heater is simply in need of repair and save you the cost of a full replacement.

DIY repairs may seem the logical way to save on cost for large plumbing jobs.  However, the risk far outweighs the reward. For some homeowners, these repairs may be completed to perfection, but for many more, problems may begin to appear that will cost even more time and money down the road.

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