As a homeowner, you are a responsible for taking care of any problems that arise with your residence. This includes hiring the right people to do whatever job you need to have done. There are a lot of do-it-yourself instructional manuals and videos out there, but when you have a job that must be done by a professional, it is important that the company that you choose is prepared.

Hiring a plumber can be a tricky affair.  And when hiring a plumber in Baton Rouge, you don’t want someone who will cost you an arm and a leg for little work, but you also don’t want someone who isn’t experienced. Right off the bat, however, there are ways to know whether or not a plumber is prepared before you hire them.

Prepared For a Reference Request

No professional plumber worth his weight in copper piping is going to scoff at your request for references.   Plumbers realize that hiring the right person is your number one priority.  A real professional will have no problem providing you with a list of customers whom he has done work for.  Your best bet is to ask for references obtained in the past month or so.

Prepared For the Job at Hand

While you might think that a clogged pipe or leaky faucet is a big job, a professional plumber will find most jobs to be rather routine.  You will want to make sure that the plumber you hire has the appropriate tools to do the job right the first time. A plumber should show up with a truck full of supplies to handle most jobs, including the replacement of certain parts.  

Of course, if you hire someone and he says that he will need to purchase a specific part, don’t automatically assume that you’ve made a bad choice.  Every job is different, and if you have a unique circumstance or a hefty problem, more supplies may be required. The rule of thumb is “one job, one visit,” but this rule can be bent if the situation warrants it.

Prepared For Immediate Service

You’ll want to use your best judgment for this one.  When it comes to a plumbing issue, especially something big like a flooded basement or burst pipe, a plumber knows that you will want to have service done as soon as possible, and he should be prepared to abide when you have a plumbing emergency.  But you must take into consideration that he has other clients, and one or more of those clients might have a similar issue. Yes, a good plumber should be able to give you an ETA you can count on, but if he’s a little late, don’t think bad of him. After all, you don’t want him to rush on the job you’re asking of him, so don’t expect him to rush on his previous job just to get to yours.

Prepared to Educate You

A professional plumber should have the ability to explain what kind of work needs to be done on your house without using too much technical jargon.  He should be able to educate you on exactly what kind of work he expects to be doing, what tools he will need, and how long it will take. He should also be able to explain any concerns he has with the job he’s about to perform, or share any tips he might have on how to avoid the issue in the future.  Of course, there’s no reason for him to give you a dissertation on every detail of his work, but if he is reluctant to provide you with the details you want, he might not be a good fit.

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