Before Vent Pipe Repair
After Vent Pipe Repair

Severe weather is nothing new to Louisiana and often causes devastating impacts on homes. Though the state is well-versed in recovering from natural disasters, not all damages are obvious and are sometimes even invisible.

Intense weather conditions can damage and detach a water heater’s vent pipe, causing poisonous carbon monoxide (CO) to be pumped into a home, exposing the occupants to the deadly gas. Odorless and colorless, CO is difficult to identify and can cause sudden illness and death. 

Before Vent Cap Repair
After Vent Cap Repair

Fortunately, there are steps you can take to help prevent CO poisoning, the most effective being to ensure your home has a battery-powered or battery backup CO detector. To make sure your CO detector is properly operating, it is important to change the batteries every six months. Along with installing a CO detector, it is also beneficial to periodically check your water heater during severe weather events to ensure its vent pipe is properly intact.

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