Most homeowners have dealt with clogged drains. All too common, these annoying occurrences can lead to costly damages like flooding, structural damage, mold and more. The best way to prevent these dangerous drainage issues is to know what to flush and what to avoid. Stay in the clear of clogs, and check out this list of materials you should never flush down your drains.

Flushable Wipes

Though many wipes are marketed as “flushable”, they can cause serious pipe issues if they are not water dissolvable. Flushable wipes that do not break down can get stuck in drain pipes and build up over time, causing drains to clog. When purchasing wipes, it is important to ensure that the product is labeled as “water dissolvable”, however, it is best to not flush wet wipes and to stick to just toilet paper. 


Most kitchen and bathroom paper materials, like paper towels and napkins, are highly absorbent and should never be flushed down a drain. Capable of soaking up large amounts of water, these paper products bunch up in drains and can cause significant blockages.

Hygiene Products

From dental floss and cotton swabs to makeup wipes and more, personal hygiene products should never go into your drains. Though they are small, these products do not break down and can cause obstructions in your drains.

To keep your home free of costly clogs, it is best to only flush water dissolvable materials like toilet paper. Though this will reduce your chances of dealing with a clogged drain, pipes are not perfect. At Reliable Plumbing, our team of professionals provides expert plumbing solutions, from drain cleaning and installation to leak and detection repair. See how we can provide you with plumbing services that you can rely on.