Having hot water is no longer a luxury, but a rather it is a necessity.  In fact, a majority of home owners are having their bulky and inefficient old water heaters replaced with the new, instant tankless water heaters for their home.

With the rising cost of energy and the escalating interest in household technology, the concept of the on demand tankless water heating has become a very popular trend in the residential sector. The overall principle of the tankless water heater is to only heat water “on demand” or as needed. With the on demand type of supply, the need for an old, bulky and inefficient storage tank is essentially eliminated. All of the shortcomings of a conventional water heater are addressed by the new and efficient tankless system.

At Reliable Plumbing, we have developed a list that outline the benefits to installing a tankless water heater in Baton Rouge.

Save Money and Increase the Hot Shower Frequency! – Cut Water Heating Cost In Half – Tankless water heaters heat entirely on demand or only when hot water is needed. The on demand aspect eliminates the need for hot water storage, which essentially removes thermal heat loss.

No More Cold Showers!! – Tankless Water Heaters can run hot water all day long, if necessary. Tankless heaters will never stop producing hot water since they heat water instantly on demand. Think about that the next time you are taking a shower, because the dish water had just run in your home.  

Reduce Risk of Scalding – If the residential owner invest in a more refined tankless heaters, there is the ability to set the ongoing water temperature to a much more reasonable and safer temperature, which will reduce any type of scalding incident. According to the US. Department of Energy, for each 10°F reduction in water temperature, you can save between 3%-5% in energy costs

Decreased Chance of leaking – With the tankless heater, the hot water is not stored. Therefore, the tankless water heaters generally handle hard water minerals and sediments much better than conventional tanks. This means the tankless heaters will be far less likely to leak or rupture, and able to maintain efficiency throughout their whole lifecycle.

Durability and Reliability – Most brands of Tankless water heaters can last more than 20 years.

Size and space – Most of the tankless water heaters on the market for residential homes are about the size of a briefcase (electric units).  This eliminates bulk and saves valuable storage or floor space for the homeowner.

Are you tired of taking cold showers?  Or, Maybe you are tired of looking at that old, bulky and inefficient hot water storage unit that you currently own.  At Reliable Plumbing, have the answer. Never take another cold shower again. Click here to take the first step towards installing the tankless water heater.